DINEX Multiplex

The DINEX Multiplex System effectively distributes intelligence and control across groups of electrical systems within a vehicle. DINEX is based on a modularized ring-loop architecture with a high-level of fault tolerance and redundancy. Over 40 types of DINEX modules are available that can perform digital, analog, frequency, and pulse width modulation functions. Displays, controllers, readers, and testers allow easy implementation of operator interfaces.

Some DINEX modules are programmable so that a single module can be programmed to perform in several differentapplications. Modules that have been programmed can be re-programmed. Each module is small and compact, and has full computer functions, including CPU, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, power control, communication, and signaling capabilities. Each module is housed in a rugged aluminum case that provides environment protection and heat dissipation. In addition to providing system-level diagnostics, each module has a self-diagnostics capability. Module replacement is quick and easy.



DINEX™ HAMS (Health Alert Management System) is designed to

Monitor & log battery SOC (status of charge) during charging. Send out alert on anomalies.

Monitor & log vital stats of key systems on bus (battery, electrical motor, A/C, electrical control etc.). Send out alert on anomalies.

Using HAMS as the gateway (BCM ↔ HAMS ↔ Cloud server ) to managing charging from remote computer terminal.

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