The I/O Controls G3 Multiplex System is our revolutionary next generation multiplex system for the heavy-duty mass transit industry. The G3 System includes all of the previous functionality, operational and diagnostic features and adds to these existing features with even more powerful diagnostic and system monitoring capability.

Powerful enhanced built in system monitoring features included in the multiplex system Main Bus Controller
(P/N G3-MBC-32-R7) are electrical arc detection of system output load circuits and over and under current monitoring of system output

load circuits. Additionally the Main Bus Controller (MBC) will monitor the engine / transmission / ABS J1939 data bus for engine / transmission / ABS system faults. All detected faults are automatically stored with date/time stamp in the 32K-byte Main Bus Controller data logger.

The electrical arc detection will alert maintenance personnel to potential load circuit failures and potential electrical fire hazards, thereby allowing for repair of the load circuit prior to a failure in revenue service. Output load circuits that have had electrical arching detected maybe automatically shut down by the MBC thus preventing further damage prior to repair.
The current monitoring function will detect outputs that are under current, which will alert maintenance personnel to possible open load failures.

The current monitoring function will also alert maintenance personnel to over current load conditions. This will provide an alert for possible short circuits in the load circuit and/or imminent load failures. The MBC can provide two levels of alerts for outputs that have had over current detected. The MBC can provide a warning at the first level plus at the second level the MBC can automatically shut the output off preventing any further damage to the load and/or load circuit.

The J1939 data bus monitoring feature will detect faults such as high coolant temperature, low coolant level, low engine oil
pressure, high engine oil temperature, transmission oil temperature, low transmission fluid and ABS fault. Additional fault information can be detected and logged, the list is too extensive to include in this brochure.

The multiplex system data bus has been upgraded to J1939 protocol with a communication speed of 250K baud. Selected multiplex system outputs can drive a load with a continuous current rating of up to 30 amps, thus reducing the requirements for relays in the electrical system even further.

Upgraded hand held field test equipment and PC laptop diagnostic software are available that will allow maintenance personnel to view the above system monitoring functions in real time, which will result in further reducing vehicle repair time.