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DINEX Multiplex

The DINEX Multiplex System effectively distributes intelligence and control across groups of electrical systems within a vehicle. DINEX is based on a modularized ring-loop architecture with a high-level of fault tolerance and redundancy. Over 40 types of DINEX modules are available that can perform digital, analog, frequency, and pulse width modulation functions. Displays, controllers, readers, and testers allow easy implementation of operator interfaces.

Some DINEX modules are programmable so that a single module can be programmed to perform in several differentapplications. Modules that have been programmed can be re-programmed. Each module is small and compact, and has full computer functions, including CPU, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, power control, communication, and signaling capabilities. Each module is housed in a rugged aluminum case that provides environment protection and heat dissipation. In addition to providing system-level diagnostics, each module has a self-diagnostics capability. Module replacement is quick and easy.

G3 Multiplex System

The I/O Controls G3 Multiplex System is our revolutionary next generation multiplex system for the heavy-duty mass transit industry. The G3 System includes all of the previous functionality, operational and diagnostic features and adds to these existing features with even more powerful diagnostic and system monitoring capability.

Powerful enhanced built in system monitoring features included in the multiplex system Main Bus Controller
(P/N G3-MBC-32-R7) are electrical arc detection of system output load circuits and over and under current monitoring of system output

load circuits. Additionally the Main Bus Controller (MBC) will monitor the engine / transmission / ABS J1939 data bus for engine / transmission / ABS system faults. All detected faults are automatically stored with date/time stamp in the 32K-byte Main Bus Controller data logger.

Multi-Function Display

The I/O Controls Multi-function Display (MFD) is a complete on-board computer system with a definite purpose. The color LCD screen will display safety related information or operational information in large, easy to read graphics. The sixteen warning lights are programmable, and may serve any annunciation or alarm function. It also can display

information about the Power train J1939 and DINEXmultiplex system. It has both driving mode and maintenance mode. The driving mode is intended to provide useful information during

vehicle operation. The maintenance mode is used for vehicle trouble-shooting or service. It is not intended for use during vehicle operation.

On-Board Equipment

I/O Controls has pioneered in creating control and monitoring systems that not only capture and store system performance data, but also proactively use that data to increase safety, ensure higher equipment availability rates, and cost-effectively manage preventive maintenance processes.

The DINEX On Board Computer with multi-gateway capability supports an integrated central control terminal for command, control, communication, and navigation. The dash mount OBC also provides the operator with an easy-to-use man-machine interface.

The DINEX Multiplex System’s on-board Automatic Test System (ATS) is an innovative intelligent system that acts as a node on the DINEX network, and provides both the onboard operator and remote maintenance engineer or controller to perform tests and troubleshooting. This data can also be recorded in the onboard “black box,” along with all other operations and safety data.

The DINEX Link remote wireless diagnostic tool’s extensive troubleshooting capability allows field engineers and maintenance personnel to initiate test protocols via a standard notebook PC or a hand-held Windows-CE information appliance.

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