About Us

I/O Controls Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of total integrated control and monitoring solutions for the automation industry. I/O Controls believes in delivering VALUE, which is the end result of combining our uniquely powerful TECHNOLOGY with our fundamental commitment to SERVICE. Our customers worldwide provide powerful confirmation of our VALUE contribution by serving millions of their end-users efficiently and safely on a daily basis.

I/O Control’s DINEX Distributed Intelligent Network Control System is an intelligent, network control operating system (OS) that efficiently and reliably interfaces with all of the electrical subsystems within buses (inter-city bus systems, long-distance coach and charter), railway cars (including high-speed bullet train and commuter trains), trucks, and other industrial applications.

I/O Controls is headquartered in Azusa, California. This facility offers complete customer technical support, including administration, engineering, internal marketing, manufacturing and customer service. Our Dallas, Texas, facility offers marketing, sales, nationwide transit customer support, and OEM service.

I/O Controls was founded in 1982 as an aerospace technology research firm focused on fly-by-wire technologies, missile flight controls, and other guidance and control applications. By 1990, our vision had evolved to adapting our fly-by-wire expertise to microprocessor-based local area control applications in the commercial transportation and industrial sectors.

The DINEX Multiplex System, introduced in 1990, is the world’s first multiplex control system. It was successfully tested in rigorous “beta” implementations and was quickly recognized as the unparalleled vehicle control solution. The new system allowed for a 100-to-400-pound weight reduction in the amount of wire, connectors and relays used to control a vehicle’s electrical functions in a transit vehicle. Relying on advanced microprocessor-based, network control devices controlled by a network controller, the DINEX Multiplex System provides increased functionality, more reliable performance, and ease of maintenance.

Today, the DINEX Multiplex System is the major supplier to the global transit bus control market. I/O Controls is moving forward to address additional industrial markets where its distributed, networked integrated solutions – including wireless and Internet-based solutions delivery – can add unique value. I/O Controls has won or applied for more than a dozen U.S. patents.

Based on highly successful worldwide customer implementations under the most rigorous environmental and performance conditions, the DINEX System has been steadily advanced, most recently with the introduction of new wireless diagnostic and maintenance support tools which enable users to remotely check and diagnose the overall functional capability of a equipment’s multiple operating systems, including the electrical, climate control, communication, emissions, security and power management systems.

These state-of-the-art I/O Controls technology solutions, together with unsurpassed custom engineering and systems integration capabilities, position our company to profoundly impact broad, new markets where there is increasing demand for “smart” operations in varied transportation, manufacturing, and operations environments.

The latest demonstration of I/O Controls industry-leading ability to integrate complex control technologies into seamless solutions is our new Global Equipment Service Network? or GESN. The GESN is a seamless information exchange network that integrates comunications to and from onboard control equipment (mobile or stationery), the users central facility, and field-deployed troubleshooting and maintenance personnel. In this unique solution, I/O Controls’ Equipment level network (DINEX), wireless network access capability (DINEX LINK) and wide-area Internet Service Network (I/O Online) to meet customers’ increasingly demanding requirements for wireless local and wide area control solutions.